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The mother of 4 children fell in love with the neighbor, the husband was shaken, got married a day before Karva Chauth

 A day before Karva Chauth, the mother of four children left her husband and married her lover. It is being told that the woman's husband also got married with her lover.


Bihar News: In Bhagalpur, Bihar, the mother of four children fell in love with a young man. The tension between the two grew so much that the people left their shame and started meeting each other. When the husband came to know about the matter, he did not oppose this love, but got the wife married to her lover. According to the information received, a man took back the promise of seven births by leaving him with his lover for the happiness of his wife in Gaganiya located in Sultanganj, Bhagalpur. When other people of the village came to know about the matter, the panchayat was called. The family members of the woman also came to the panchayat.

 The panchayat of Gaganiya village decided that the woman should follow the legal process before handing her over to her lover. During this, the resignation of both was written in the stamp paper. The woman and her husband gave in writing that now they have no relation with each other. At the same time, a promise was also taken from the woman's lover on the stamp paper that he would not leave her in future and would take care of his girlfriend. The panchayat decided that the lover should marry the woman. On this both were married. During this a large number of villagers were present. 

Let us tell you that in the year 2012, a young man named Shravan was married to Pooja in Fulli dumar, Banka. After this Pooja came to her in-laws' house and here she met Chotu. After this, both of them fell in love and this love continued to grow. Four children were also born to Shravan and Pooja during the 10th of their marriage. Meanwhile, the love affair between Pooja and Chotu continued. Yesterday, with the paperwork in the village court, the husband sent his wife away with her lover. It is being told that Pooja had left the house with her lover a few days ago. The husband had also complained about the matter to the police station. Eventually the husband bowed down to his wife's insistence and got her married to the lover.


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